Sometimes things happen you don't know about. And they make you very happy when you learn about them! Say hello to my lizard friend, Thok!

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OPM cover reaction

Oh yea and we fought a boss or something.

Ask Mr Robot Warcraft Logs

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World of Logs

Warcraft Logs

Warcraft logs has better rankings as they are dividing the pre-patch data away from the normal WoD data. This is important because of the large changes in damage potential for classes with the changes.

Ask Mr Robot

AMR for most of WoD had better infographics and breakdowns of problems during fights. However the site is not quite ready for legion yet or the current pre-patch.

Seth's Videos of kills after the break.

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Raid Rage after an Age

So if you google "kormok" that's what is apparently most popular.
Here's my persepctive on the fight.
Here are all fights from Thenmal

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